Tipsy Stixs – America Dreaming

Don’t you just love when the “American Dream” actually comes true?  Well, for Lisa Allred, the creator of Tipsy Stixs, it is definitely coming true.

Lisa and her friends used to love meeting at a park in Greensboro, NC to enjoy “Music in the Park” on Sunday evenings.  The kids could play close by, the friends could enjoy talking and listening to music and there was always great food and drink.  The only downfall of the evenings would be the ants and bugs trying to crawl all over your food and of course, at least one spilled glass of wine.

One evening Lisa noticed some ladies at the park who had “skinny looking sticks” holding their wine glasses off the ground.  She went over to talk with the ladies and found that these sticks had been ordered online, but they couldn’t remember what they were called or what web site they had ordered them from.  So the search was on.  Lisa found a couple of different sticks online, but they weren’t really what she was looking for.  She wanted hers to be better!  She needed a stick that not only held wine, but would also hold a bowl for cookies, grapes, chips, etc.

Lisa’s dad was a retired welder so they started working on this together – Lisa drawing and designing – Dad welding and creating.  With each prototype they created, Lisa’s thought processes would run wild with ways to improve the current version.  What if she didn’t want a bowl holder every time she went out?  What if she wanted to hold two wine glasses instead of one?  What if she wanted to hold a soda/beer can or a water bottle?  So the idea evolved.  The parts became interchangeable.

Lisa started using the stixs when she went out sharing them with friends.  People went crazy over them, wanting to know where she got them, offering to pay for them if she would have her Dad make more.  This soon got out of hand and it became necessary to start manufacturing them to keep up with the demand.  After having the stixs patented, Lisa found the perfect manufacturer in High Point, NC.

The stixs are made of durable stainless steel and come with a foot plate to help push them into the ground and can be adjusted to accommodate sitting or standing heights.  They are customizable to fit your needs and are perfect for wine festivals, outdoor music events, sitting on the beach, or in your own backyard.  They even help hold your fishing pole!!!

The stixs are available at several wineries and some wine stores or can be ordered directly through Lisa at  For a full list of retail locations, visit their new website or the Facebook page for Tipsy Stixs.

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