Grapeful Sisters Winery – America Dreaming

Grapefull Sister’s Vineyard is a bed and breakfast as well as a campground located just South of Tabor City on the Eastern Coast of North Carolina.  They specialize in Muscadine wines but also carry a wide selection of delicacies in their gift shop such as Cranberry-Walnut Jam and Himalayan Pink Salt.  You can plan a beach get-away and stay at Inn d’vine at Grapefull Sisters.  They will gladly pack you a picnic lunch, wine included, for your day on the beach or touring the grounds and if you want to visit other local wineries, a limo is at your service.  You sip wine and enjoy the day while someone else does the driving.

Below is Sheila Suggs Little’s story about starting Grapefull Sisters (with her sister, Amy).  Cheers to Sheila and Amy for living the American Dream!

Grapefull Sister’s Vineyard started in 2005 with all my savings (and heart) invested into it. The first 2 years established a good foundation; but then the economy declined and the next 3 years proved a real challenge.

We were a ‘destination winery’, meaning our tasting room was the only place we sold our wines. We had to re-evaluate our marketing procedure and take the wine on the road to resorts, farmer’s markets, assisted living facilities, golf courses, basically anywhere that would allow us to ‘taste’ and hopefully sell our wines. We approached local restaurants to carry ‘local wine’ and found grocery stores that promoted buying local.

The old saying “when times get tough, the tough get going”….well that certainly applied to our family. We started attending more festivals and events in an effort to get our brand out there. Fortunately for us we have several businesses – the bed and breakfast (Inn d’Vine) and an RV camping site on the same property.  We expanded the services we offered our customers by creating an overlap with these other areas and adding a “coming home” feel to the vineyard.  We were able to sustain during those tough years because of Family.

Each member of the family is very gifted with different strengths so the work gets done; marketing, social media, organization, outside lawn/vineyard care, retail marketing, newsletters, etc. We pull together to make it work! The rewards are many because the family is together working on land that has been in our family for 7 generations and we are in hopes of it being transferred on for more to come.

We invite you to come home to Grapefull Sisters where you can relax in our spacious areas, enjoy a nice glass of wine, stars in the night sky, maybe a full moon, the crickets, tree frogs, and hoot owls.

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