Wine On My Mind – America Dreaming

I have recently had the  pleasure of meeting Faith Brickel online as a result of my new series here, “America Dreaming.”  Faith runs an online business, Wine On My Mind,  where you can buy some of the most unique wine gifts and accessories.  Faith has written her story as a guest post for us to share here.

Cheers to Faith and Wine On My Mind for living the American Dream!!!

My Leap of Faith

I’ve pretty much always subscribed to the philosophy that life is a journey and that it’s not so much the destination but how you get there that counts.
For a large part of my work life I have worked for other people. There were some short forays into working independently. I owned a card and gift store with family members,  I tried my hand at selling real estate and had a business as a personal concierge. But for most of my life I worked in the medical field in doctor’s offices and lastly at a diagnostic center. I started out loving it but after many years felt that I had lost that spark of love that allows you to go to work joyously each day.

Last January it became apparent that it was time to move on and try something new.

I have never been afraid of experimenting with options. In many ways I feel as though I have had many lives. Each has been interesting and each has led me to the next. I never worried what other people would think or say as I have explored those different options. After all it is my life, not theirs and I am hell bent on enjoying it. The central thread in all these work experiences was my love of working with people and customer service. I decided to use that in a different way. All those jobs have prepared me for this- my new career.

These are tough economic times but I really believe in the theory behind niche marketing. I love wine. I love the things that go with loving wine. I love the lifestyle of entertaining and eating and drinking and of sharing all that with family and friends. I believe that I am not alone in loving those things. And so came the idea of Wine On My Mind. Not just a store but a place to go for new ideas and fun things and beautiful products.  So I took the leap. I think you have to take a leap with all the big things in life- getting married, having children, changing jobs or homes….I think you have to take the leap and not examine things too closely or you will lose your nerve. Of course you do have to do a little research. My research led me to believe that there was no one place that offered all the gift and accessory choices that I was interested in.

I decided on a website and not the traditional brick and mortar store. I soon found out that the Internet is really the biggest highway of all and that to reach my customer I would have to do a lot of work.

But work is something I am not afraid of, having worked long days in other endeavors. Now I am investing the time and my well established work ethic in developing my own company. Truly a labor of love. And I really do love every day of it. I also started a blog last year where I can share my thoughts on wine, food and life.

It has been a journey and one that I am most proud of. Each day brings more and more people to the website and the blog. Each day brings new surprises and new friends in the industry. I am so excited about the reception to the online store and the blog. People are loving Wine On My Mind and each day it grows bigger and better.

This year has been amazing and I know that it will keep being wonderful. I am looking forward to continued growth and success.


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