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Tips for Your Kitchen

Will Kingery (King’s Crab Shack & Willow’s Bistro – Winston Salem, NC)

Smashing garlic first brings out the juices and makes it easier to chop.
Chop hard boiled eggs by pressing them through a strainer.
Cut lemons on the bias (from stem to end) to avoid having seeds in the juice.
Blend olive oil with vegetable oil in your pan to get a higher smoke point – great for searing.
Place meats in hot oil by laying down the end closest to you first and laying the meat away from you to avoid having hot oil splatter toward you.

Chef Jon Ashton (Parade Magazine & Dash Recipes)

Store oil & yeast away from the heat of your oven or stove to keep them from going bad
Start measuring your ingredients with scales instead of cups for better accuracy
Let bread rest for 4-5 minutes when you first take it out of the oven before trying to slice it.
Buy plain yellow onions to cook with – they are cheaper, have the best flavor and make up 85% of the US onion crop.
Blending 50/50 olive oil and butter will keep your butter from burning your foods.
Put your bananas in a brown paper bag with an avocado to ripen them.  The potassium in the avocado ripens the bananas. (If the avocado isn’t ripe, place in the microwave for about 20 seconds.)
Never leave your bananas in a bunch – separate them to keep them from ripening too quickly.
Dry your own herbs in the microwave – takes about 15 seconds.
Instead of brining your turkey, rub it with salt about 24 hours before cooking it.  Rinse the salt off before baking.
To avoid overcooking pasta, take it off the heat about 2 minutes before it is done.  The sauce will finish cooking it.

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