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I am blaming Pinterest!  I have been in the Biggest Christmas Spirit over the last couple of weeks – so excited about shopping for the grandkids and seeing our oldest son and then our daughter.  If I didn’t have a day job, I would be soooooo busy making homemade gifts of dessert and specialty drinks and preparing baskets full of home baked delights.  But alas, I have a job so my time is not my own.  I have learned to value the time that is my own however.  And like I said, I am blaming Pinterest, but I have had so much fun shopping and planning the special treats that I will take with me to Atlanta and then to Hilton Head.

2012-12-16 16.05.32

So as I started preparing Nacho Dip tonight for dinner, it brought back memories of my daughter being young.  This was always one of her favorites – and my husband still loves it today.  It would most likely pair well with any number of wines, but I was in the mood for a white – an intense dry white.  And I found it in this “Duet”, a 50/50 blend of Chardonnay and Vidal Blanc made at Hopkins Vineyard.

I was digging through the wine cooler looking for a chardonnay, when I found Duet.  I had already passed over a couple of other white wines, but this one caught my interest especially when I noticed the label said it was a “dry white wine”   – just what I was looking for!

2012-12-16 19.40.34

This Duet has flavors of crisp apple, melon and honeysuckle.  It calms the spicy peppers and cumin  in the Nacho Dip with a nice long finish.

Varietal: 50/50 Blend Chardonnay & vidal Blanc     Alcohol:  13.5%     Price:  $12.99

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