Barnhills – America Dreaming

Early in 2010, a group of authors and friends came together with a common problem – they couldn’t get their books published.  All the big behemoth publishing houses like McGraw-Hill and Random House only wanted big name authors because they knew the big name authors would sell to the BIG Box book stores such as the now defunct Border’s.  Well, if you can’t get your book published, how do you ever become a famous author.  So this group of friends started their own publishing company.  Problem solved!

But was it?

Now that these friends were able to publish their own books they ran into another problem.  None of the big box book stores would buy their books.  So they were back to square one – they still had no way to get their books into the hands of their intended audience.  Not to be defeated, the group started discussing the options of opening up a small, cozy book store that catered to local talent.  As the thoughts and the plans developed, they decided that maybe they should sell wine as well.  After all, what goes better with a good book than a bottle of wine?  And if you are going to sell books and wine, shouldn’t you add art too?  So “Only At Barnhill’s” was born.  They opened their doors in April, 2010.

Barnhill’s carries the largest selection of North Carolina wines under oner roof anywhere.  When Barnhill’s was deciding to add wine to the store originally, they met with several North Carolina wineries and found they all had concerns about people not being able to travel across the state to taste at North Carolina’s local wineries.  Well worry no more.  You can get free wine tastings all day, every day at Barnhill’s; and they carry wines from 34 local wineries so you have lots of choices.

As far as the books go, Barnhill’s carries a selection of books that you won’t find at the big book stores.  They carry several books by well-know authors but they also carry books from local authors.  They carry a collection of poetry published by Main Street Rag out of Charlotte, NC and Press 53 – you won’t find these at Barnes and Nobles but Only at Barnhill’s!

So the next time you are visiting downtown Winston Salem, drop in at Barnhill’s.  If you tell them you saw this article, you can even get a 10% discount. – but more importantly, you can curl up with a good bottle of wine and a great book.

Congratulations to Only at Barnhill’s for dreaming the American Dream!

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