Haute Chocolate – America Dreaming

Do you dream in chocolate?  Jiliana Dulaney does. 

Just a few short years ago, Jiliana and her husband went to Biltmore Estate to watch a chef’s demonstration on chocolate.  The chef talked to the crowd about how difficult chocolate was to work with.  Jiliana took that as a challenge and decided on the spot, that she could do that. So she started making truffles at home from a recipe that she created.  She kept making them until she perfected the recipe.


The next time Jiliana and hubby were out visiting wineries, they stopped by Shadow Springs Vineyard.  As they were tasting the various wines offered, the subject came up about pairing wine and chocolate which naturally led to the truffles that Jiliana was making at home.  She offered to bring some out to the winery to let them try some.  They were blown away!!!  They immediately gave Jiliana some wine to take back home and use in her next recipe – and so Haute Chocolate was born.

Today, Jiliana frequently works with local North Carolina wineries using their wines to create phenomenal chocolates.  All of her recipes are still original, using her own proprietary blend of chocolates.  Her creations are used to celebrate special events and occasions at the wineries.  And of course, she has taken it to the next level by opening a store in downtown Winston-Salem where her truffles are getting rave reviews.  Opening the store was a giant step full of anxiety and raw emotions from one end of the spectrum to the other.  Now as Jiliana looks back (a whole year later), she smiles at how far Haute Chocolate has come already.  She has just renewed the lease on her location and extended it beyond the typical one-year option that was offered.

Haute Chocolate is going to start hosting a “Girl’s Night Out” once a month with a selection of wine and chocolate available and they are putting together classes that teach us how to prepare wine and food.  Jiliana works only with North Carolina wines and wineries.

The two favorite truffles at Haute Chocolate are the Creme Brûlée and the Mayan (made from the same flavor profile as the chocolate drink served in the 2000 movie, “Chocolat.”)  Now as far as we know, Jiliana’s Mayan truffles haven’t changed anybody’s lives, but they have started a craving in Winston-Salem for these spicy chocolates.

Cheers to Juliana and Haute Chocolate for living the American Dream!




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