Vinos Finos Cafe – America Dreaming

ImageAh – this economy and the job market; so many people have been affected.  And so goes the story of Pat West, owner of Vinos Finos y Picadas.  Pat had worked for several years as a CEO of a major healthcare company in North Carolina but when the economy tanked every industry was affected.  The healthcare group had to restructure and Pat lost his job.  He wasn’t too worried (at first) because he had always played by the rules and had built up a great network of contacts and acquaintances.  Making a few phone calls and reaching out to the right people, finding a new job should be easy.  WRONG!  We all know the drill – “You are over-qualified.”  “Your salary requirement is just too high.”  Yada, yada, yada…

Within a few short months, Pat started feeling the pressure of not having a job and not knowing when he would.  So the next logical step in his mind was to reach for the American Dream and own his own business.  He opened a wine bar, and not just any wine bar but one that specializes in South American wines.

Vinos Finos y Picadas has been opened right at year now and Pat is thrilled with his decision to do this.  This is not just any ordinary wine bar, specializing in South American wines they carry the largest selection of South American wines in the U.S.  What is so great about SA wines – the value!  There are some phenomenal SA wineries and wines but they are not nearly as well-known as wineries in California, Washington, and Oregon.  They are actually one of the best kept secrets in the wine industry; and Vinos Finos Cafe is letting the secret out!  Remember the “Bottle Shock” story of how California beat France at the wine game?  Well look out world, the South American wine industry is knocking on your door.  As far as Pat is concerned, Argentina produces the best red wines (where does your favorite Malbec come from?) and Chili produces the best whites, and

Ginia West, Pat’s wife, had spent several years in Argentina and had developed a natural passion for food and wine.  She was the inspiration for Pat and taught him to appreciate wine the same way her family did.

South America is #5 in the world for exporting their juice which is naturally biodynamic due in part to natural fertilization of the vines.  The grapes and the wine coming out of SA are very consistent from year to year because of the amount of rainfall and the heat.

Vinos Finos y Picadas will be glad to ship wines directly to your door.  Check them out online and give Pat a call.  Not only do they carry more than 1,800 bottles of wine, they offer a bigger selection of South American wines than even

Cheers to Pat and Ginia West and Vinos Finos y Picadas for living the American Dream!!!

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