I have decided to dedicate Wednesdays to a wine-related item or definition of a word taken from wine terminology.  Today is the first of these posts.  Todays’ wine-related item is the “Tastevin.”

The tastevin, sometimes known as the Sommelier’s Cup, was originally invented for tasting small amounts of wine in dark cellars.  The cup was silver and worn round the taster’s neck like a necklace.  This made them more portable than a wine glass and less fragile.  The tasting cup would have circular  indentations in its side to reflect candlelight across the metal base of the cup and make it possible (in  dark cellar) to determine the clarity of the wine just drawn from the barrel.


Example of an original tastevin.


Today’s version of a tastevin.

Reference:  The Wine Bible by Karen MacNeil

Taster’s Tablet

Okay, let’s be honest.  If you are reading this article it is because you love wine (almost) as much as I do.  We love wine festivals and events, especially if it offers us the opportunity to taste new and different wines!  But what happens when we encounter too many great wines.  How do we remember all of them – what was good, what was mediocre, what do I want (need) to remember for my next shopping trip – or for that matter, so I can go back later that same day and buy a whole case of that perfect wine???

I always think I will remember the wines I like, but truth be told, I am more likely to remember the ones I don’t.  And if I am at a major tasting event, by the time I get through the tasting,, going back to buy a specific wine (or case) is the furthest thing from my mind.  So we should all take good tasting notes that include special markings by the wines we really like, but where do you put your wine while you write and score these wines.  You need your hands free!

The Taster’s Tablet was invented to free up our hands so we can take notes and retain a little bit of our dignity as we do so.  Don’t be caught with a wine glass dangling around your neck sloshing wine all over your shirt.

Wine Glass Necklace

Wine Glass Necklace

Instead, use Taster’s Tablet.  You will have both hands free to take tasting notes, greet people or sample delicious tidbits of perfect pairings.


Here you have the wine perfectly balanced in the glass holder at the top of the tablet.  You have a free hand and the glass is stable.  You can take notes and score the wines as you go.  The glass slides easily in and out of the glass holder for tasting.  The tablets come with taster’s note sheets and flavor descriptors to help identify the flavors and aromas you are picking up in the wines – perfect for the wine connoisseur or the novice.

Put your logo or design here!

Put your logo or design here!

You can also have the tablets customized with your own logo or design.  Use them at your next event or as giveaways so that your brand is front and center at the next BIG wine tasting in your area.

You can find Tater’s Tablet on Facebook and Twitter (@TastersTablet) as well.

Taster’s Tablet was a media sample received for review purposes.

Kool Bag (Really Cool!!!)

This was a product sample from Koolbag.


This is one of the handiest items any wine lover can own!  Hands down!

Fold it up and stick it in your bag to take on your next wine tasting adventure or better yet, keep it in the trunk of the car – that’s where I’m keeping mine!  Just pull it out when you get to your destination and ask for some ice.  You’re set.  It is even good for red wines in the heat of summer as you can add a small amount of ice to keep your wine from getting too warm on those sweltering summer days.

This bag is also a great gift idea.  Fill it with a favorite bottle of wine and use it for the gift bag.  The Koolbag becomes part of the gift – and there is a place for a gift card to slide right in (where you see the gray “Koolbag” card inserted on this one)  – or a business card if this is a busness or promotional gift.  You can even have your own brand or logo put on the bag!  Businesses can order in bulk to get special discounts – some orders may even qualify for free shipping.

The bag appears very durable – made from lightweight flexible PVC with heat-pressed handles to hold the weight of a full bottle of wine and ice.  The bag I have shown in the picture holds a regular 750ml bottle of wine, but it is also available in a smaller size for the 375ml bottles.  AND rumor has it that they are coming out with a bag that holds a 6-pack of beer.  How kool is that???

On a Robert Parker scale, I would give the Koolbag 99 points and recommend that everybody own at least 2!


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