Rosé Makes a Comeback!

I’ve been researching rosé for a few days now. It has been difficult to find much about the early days of this delicate pink wine that is now so trendy and has taken on such a Fab status with the wine connoisseur. America has always had a romance with French wines; however, Rosé started out in the South of France as a bone dry wine but it was not widely accepted in the US. In the 50’s the typical wine drinker in the US didn’t appreciate a dry wine. The preference was for a sweeter, higher alcohol wine. Then in the 60’s the US palate changed again with everyone becoming a wine snob and only drinking pure varietals and even though Rosé existed, it was relegated to the bottom shelf as a less than desirable wine.

So for decades, Rosé took a back seat to the more famous reds – Cabernet, Merlot, Pinot, etc. During this time, the American palate was changing once again – we now want robust, full-bodied wines with fresh fruit flavors. We want our wines to be (dare I say) orgasmic. So Rosé has been re-introduced to the American wine consumer. Today’s Rosé is modern, versatile, and elegant. It pairs with any setting or any lifestyle and is made in the dry European tradition.

I started drinking Rosé this summer (reluctantly). I was visiting Junius Lindsay Vineyards in Lexington, NC. They offered me a taste of their new Rosé and could immediately see the hesitation on my face. Smiling, they poured a sample tasting into my glass and waited for my reaction. What I was expecting was the sweet taste of a blush wine or a white zinfandel; but I was so pleasantly surprised!  On the nose I found strawberry with a hint of lime.  These aromas followed through on the palate making this a delightful wine.

This was the most refreshing wine I have had in quite some time.  It has quickly become one of my favorites.  I had thought it would only be a summer wine, but I am rethinking that.  I may have to keep it in the wine cooler all through the fall as I can see drinking this on a crisp fall evening out by the fire pit.

Junius Lindsay Vineyard

Rosé 2009 – Special Delivery

Alcohol – 11.5%

Suggested Pairing – pork (especially ham) and BBQ

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