Eating Dinner In

This wine was a media sample from Breaux Vineyards

One of our new favorite ways to eat dinner out is to eat dinner in and it saves so much money!  You can call any restaurant and order from their menu then stop by and pick your order up to take home.  Lots of restaurants now offer a special curb side service where they bring the food to your car and others have a special door for you to enter if you are waiting on a to-go order.  You get the same great quality as if you had eaten your meal at the restaurant but you eat in the comfort of your own home and there is no mess to clean up.  You can also pair dinner with one of your favorite wines – either from your wine fridge at home or by stopping by your local wine store and picking up that special bottle.  This is a better option that taking your wine with you to the restaurant and paying a corkage fee.

So that is what we did tonight.  We had been out of town all weekend.  On the way home we were discussing what we would do for dinner when hubby suggested we call and order something to pick up on the way home.  We ordered from Romano’s Macaroni Grill



I already knew what wine I was going to open when I got home – a 2005 Nebbiolo from Breaux Vineyards.  I had gotten this wine sample last summer at the Wine Blogger’s Conference” in Charlottesville, VA.  (If you recall, I have been digging through my wine collection over the last couple of weeks and pulling out some real gems!)

When taking my first sip of the Nebbiolo, I had to actually stop and look at the label again.  This wine was so spicy and peppery, that it could easily have been mistaken for a Syrah.  Had it not been for the prominent tobacco on the nose, I would have argued the point.  Nebbiolo may be one of my new favorite wines!  From checking their website, it looks as if the 2005 might be sold out, but they did have the 2006 listing in their online store.


Varietal:  Nebbiolo               Alcohol:  13.8%              Price: $38.00

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