Wine Bar Update 11-11-2013

The wine bar is coming along great!  I have been shopping (one of my favorite pastimes) for everything from bar stools, to mirrors to lights to wine.  The mirrors for the bathrooms have already arrived and the bar stools have shipped.  They should be here this week.

I have also been working.  As most of you know, the overall look for the wine bar is vintage using repurposed items where possible.  I purchased tables and chairs from a restaurant that had closed its doors a few years ago.  They have been in storage all this time so we are now tasked with cleaning them up and making them presentable.  My son-in-law is working on the tables.  He is stripping them down and sanding them lightly so we can refinish them but still maintain the vintage look.  Hubby and I have been doing the chairs.  They are just getting an intense scrubbing with a rejuvenating product called WATCO.

Before "Rejuvenating"

Before “Rejuvenation”

After "Rejuvenation"

After “Rejuvenation”

I am going to save pictures of the tables until we are ready to open as the finish on them is such an integral part of our overall look and besides, we need to have some surprises.  😉

We have also been working on the menu and playing around with prepping some of the items.  I plan to offer a “Red Wine Lover’s Trio” consisting of strawberries or cherries, chocolate and pecans.  I would like to do a “White Wine Lover’s Trio” as well but am having trouble coming up with just the right combination of foods.  I would really appreciate your input and suggestions.  I am thinking of apples drizzled with caramel syrup or a dried fruit such as apricots, cheese, and almonds.  Thoughts???

Before 1 Menu1

Poles drizzled with Caramel, cheese, and Almonds

Apples drizzled with Caramel, cheese, and Almonds

We have also met a distributor who specializes in organic and sustainable farmed vineyards.  Everything they have available is estate grown and from small family run wineries with small production.

We anticipate opening by the first of the year so please join us on Facebook for your personal invitation to our soft opening for Facebook followers only.


6 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. the winegetter
    Nov 12, 2013 @ 18:07:21

    Awesome!! I like your idea for the white wine lovers plate. You could consider a tarter apple or pear with a local honey an shaved pecorino over it. Tried that in Tuscany and loved it. It’s a little more different than the apple caramel thing, and more intriguing, I think.


  2. Conrad (The Wine Wankers)
    Nov 12, 2013 @ 18:10:03

    It really does sound exciting! I’d love to open a wine bar. Nice one!!


  3. Gary Keeter (@garykeet)
    Nov 12, 2013 @ 20:56:34

    Hi Jean! Love that the Bar is coming along in spite of a few back-steps. You guys are seeing your dreams pulling together nicely and we wish you the very best for success. You asked, so I’m suggesting a Spanish-Style “White Wine Lover’s Trio” of Manchego Cheese, Marcona Almonds and sliced Granny Smith Apples, all perfectly complimentary with a crisp, tart and fruity white, slightly drizzled with local honey. Rolled Prosciutto on the side would be optional. Cheers and I can’t wait!


    • Red Wine Diva
      Nov 13, 2013 @ 08:52:05

      WOW, my mouth is watering and it’s not even 9am! Thanks for the input. A couple of people suggested honey. I had not thought of that, but will definitely try it. I am not a cheese expert, but am putting Manchego on my list to try. Thanks!!!!


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