Wine Bar Update: 11-4-2013

Hard-hat and High Heels

hardhar highheels

Yes, construction has finally started!!!  We are actually a couple of weeks into the build-out.

My days are now full of wine tastings, shopping for supplies and furniture and meeting with food distributors.  This past week I was invited by US Foods to a special culinary event in Savannah.  I have been really concerned about my menu as we don’t have a real kitchen.  We will use a convection oven, Panini press and an induction burner for most of our food prep.  These food distributors know what they are doing.  They make both the menu decisions and prep work so easy, but of course, nothing beats the right recipe!  (Our menu will be finalized over the next couple of weeks and I will publish it here first!)  What is your favorite wine-pairing?  Any suggestions for our menu?

construction 1

This image lets you see the shape of the bar as well as the door into the kitchen from behind the bar.  The plumbing is set and hidden under he concrete floor.  Next week they should start the electrical wiring.  Lights have already been purchased.  Wires for the point of sale and security have already been pulled.  We are going with the industrial look so the open ceiling was being painted black Saturday, but the fumes were too bad for us to go in.  It is coming together!!!

I have been stressed (seems to be my middle name lately) over the last couple of weeks as I am not able to get the great bar stools I found online.  Every time I find a stool I like it is not available in the US.  One company offered to ship to me for a guesstimate of $1,300 for shipping alone.  I have looked at hundreds of bar stools trying to find the right vintage style to compliment the rest of the bar.  Your bar and bar stools actually make a statement to every person walking through your door.  They have to be right.  I finally found them just yesterday; but I think I am going to save the pictures for the completed bar.   So I am ready to jump the next hurdle thrown at me this week.  I am still waiting to hear back from the health department.  I understand that can be a fine line to walk!

Please check us out on Facebook to get our daily updates regarding opening and special events we are planning.  Did you see the logo we’ve come up with?!?!

Another week down and a step closer!

Another week down and a step closer!


7 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. the winegetter
    Nov 03, 2013 @ 22:27:24

    I agree with you on the bar stools being a key ingredient in first impressions!! Good luck with finding ones that fit your taste and make a statement about the bar you want to have.

    As for food, I always like tapas style food with my wines: classics like bacon wrapped dried fruit, patatas bravas and the like. Also, a good cheese platter is key for me, maybe up it with some locally sourced charcuterie…


  2. talkavino
    Nov 03, 2013 @ 22:44:48

    Have you ever been to Vino Volo? They operate mostly in the airports. I like their concept of the regional tasting flights and the menu items – lots of simple stuff which is wine friendly – like marcona almonds with rosemary, which is prepared in the microwave… By the way, your panini press sounds very appropriate : )


  3. wineandhistory
    Nov 03, 2013 @ 23:28:35

    My favorite wine bar pairing was a panini with apple, proscuitto and some sort of cheese. Sadly, they took it off the menu, so I can’t tell you more specifically. It went so well with everything! Nice to see that you are making progress!


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