Terra Andina Sparkling Moscato

This wine was a media sample from Terra Andina and Palm Bay International

One of my favorite things to do is simply hang out with my husband.  He is my best friend and we love lazy afternoons where we can sit and talk or just share the day and occasionally he even a glass/bottle of wine with me.  He likes wine, but prefers beer.  When it comes to wine he is very particular.  His palate is limited and he doesn’t push himself beyond his comfort zone, he knows what he likes and that’s typically what he sticks with.  He doesn’t like rose’ and rarely tries any white wines, but the other day he came into the house and wanted something different to drink.  He didn’t want wine, he didn’t want beer.  It must have been his luck y day as I had already started chilling a sparkling Moscato to enjoy later.


A dry champagne would not have suited the hot May afternoon, but this slightly sweet sparking wine was a real treat.  Hubby popped open the bottle and we headed outside.  Sitting on the covered back porch with the ceiling fan stirring just enough air to take the heat away, we sipped and enjoyed the rest of the afternoon.

Terra Andina describes this wine as chic, refreshing and like Brazil itself, fun and full of life.  With only 7.5% alcohol, it was the perfect afternoon drink.


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  1. Marlin Vaughn
    Jun 09, 2013 @ 12:22:16

    The 2005 Sojourn Sonoma Coast is terrific and retails for $36.00. A tasting group that I am involved with went through a number of cases of the ’05 Sojourn Sonoma Coast, as well as the Sojourn Sangiacomo… Loved both of them!!! Note: The Sojourn Sangiacomo is $48.I know that the 2004 Mietz Sonoma Coast Pinot ($30.00) was distributed on the East Coast… The winery is out of both the ’04 and ’05, but you might nose around and find some on a shelf somewhere. I only got to particpate in one bottle of 2005 Mietz Sonoma Coast… Virtually the entire production went to the East Coast. Our tasting group liked the ’04 Mietz as well. I think that I loaded 9 cases in the back seat of my car, on one of my numerous visits to the winery.


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