Wine-Stained Fingerprints

“The bare essentials packed into a small bag.  A man on the run; toothbrush, a change of clothes, cash and a few bottles of wine.  Not just any wine – the wine you drink when you know it may be your last.”  Introducing The Fugitive, a full-bodied red blend offered by Truett Hurst.

picture045 picture044

Going incognito with the face intentionally left blank, the only way this Fugitive will be caught is by his wine-stained fingerprints all over the label.

Sealed with a real cork, you get numerous suggestions imprinted on the cork on how to disguise yourself as you make your escape into the world of the Fugitive – although I don’t think I would ever really try burning the end of the cork in order to draw a fake moustache on my face.  To each his own.

A daring red blend, this wine is worth capturing.  It is full of flavor.  It pours a deep purple in the glass and has flavors of dark plum, spice and black pepper.

Truett Hurst is one of two wine clubs that I belong to.  Wine club members were offered this wine (2011 Fugitive) by the case at a 50% discount as they were preparing room for the 2012 vintage and I couldn’t resist the temptation.

Varietal:  Red Blend          Alcohol:  14.8%          Price:  $28


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