Bear & Crown Cuveé

Bear & Crown Cuveé is a remarkable white wine blend created by winemaker Robert Langton exclusively for Naked Wines.   I actually bought this wine well over a year ago after receiving a Naked Wines gift card at the 2011 Wine Blogger’s Conference.  Apparently the main grape in this blend is Sauvignon Blanc – the blending part is attributable to the fact that the wine is made of three different vintages (which would be why there is no year on the label) from a variety of barrel lots and a variety of vineyards.  That was as close as I could get to deciphering the actual blend.  The tanks must be stamped with a huge red seal proclaiming “Top Secret.”  But then when you have this kind of winner, why wouldn’t you keep the blend a secret?  The next question is, though, can this success be repeated???

With soft floral notes on the nose and vibrant tropical fruit on the palate, this is the kind of wine that Naked Wines has become famous for.  This one definitely gets a “Thumb’s Up!”

Bear & Crown

Variety:  Sauvignon Blanc          Alcohol:  14.5%          Angel Price:  $15.99


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