Trader Joe’s Wine Haul – Parts 2 & 3

Part 2

How do you remember a great wine that you have purchased so that you can go and buy it again?  I know there are apps for that, but I have never used any of them.  Years ago I tried keeping up with it on a spreadsheet.  As you can imagine, this had its limitations.   It worked really great when I remembered to go to the computer and put the info into it; however, I never had it with me when I was out shopping for wine.  As hard as it has always been for me to remember the wines I love, I have never had a problem remembering the ones I don’t.

I typically don’t write negative reviews.  If I don’t care for a wine (whatever the reason) I simply don’t write about it.  But today, I am breaking my own rule as I have already stated that I will review each of the wines from my “Wine Haul” at Trader Joe’s.  I am sure you noticed that I have combined two reviews in one blog post.  That’s unfortunate from my perspective.  I would much rather have two separate posts about great wines.

The first of these two wines was Chariot Gypsy Red, a Trader Joe’s exclusive.  It was only $4.99 a bottle.  This wine was very nondescript – nothing on the nose and even less on the palate.  I guess you get what you pay for.  The Gypsy Red wasn’t awful, just not memorable (in my case maybe too memorable).  I didn’t even take notes on it for this post.  From the research I did on this wine, it does appear that the quality may have diminished over the years due in part to the blend having changed significantly.  We drank the whole bottle so it wasn’t too bad, just not something I would buy again.  But for $4.99, you be the judge.  Would love to hear your thoughts here.


Part 3

Marques de Caceres 2011 Dry Rose’ from Rioja – is definitely the better of the two wines.  Typically a Rose’ is made from a specific red grape, but this is a blend of “the finest grape varieties from the best Rioja vineyards.”  (Maybe I should have actually red the back of the label before I bought it!)  Actually, it is a decent wine, well balanced and not too tannic but a little too light on the palate.  It is very drinkable but just not my favorite.  But here again, for only $7.99, it might be a good wine to have on hand for the sweltering summer days that are looming in our very near future.  This wine actually drank better the second day showing a touch of strawberry on the palate with a slight lingering finish.



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  1. talkavino
    May 06, 2013 @ 08:47:58

    I didn’t try the Gypsy wine, but for $4.99 it is quite possible to get something like you are describing – not bad, but not good either, and not memorable – but at $4.99, so what – it is a lot worse when it happens at $49.99 : )

    Rioja rose is an interesting category – some of them (like Lopez de Heredia) can last for a very long time, so it is possible that this wine just needed time to open. For the light rose, it is hard to beat Provence – they usually give you what you are looking for from the moment you pull the cork out…


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