Boggle the Mind with Bogle

I’ve had this Bogle Merlot for  a while.  A friend brought it over one night for dinner, but we opened a few other wines that I had planned to pair with the meal we had prepared.  So it has sat for a few months in the wine fridge.

One reason I had not opened it earlier is that I am not a huge fan of Merlot – and NO, it has nothing to do with the movie, SideWaysI have never been a fan; although I admit the movie did lead me to Pinot Noir.

Tonight I decided to open the 2010 Bogle Merlot because hubby was warming up leftover pasta and I thought a lighter red wine would pair well with his dinner.  I was having leftover grilled chicken and the wine would do well with both.  (We were eating leftovers from a dinner out a few nights back – a well devised plan by moi as I knew we would be traveling this weekend and wanted something quick and easy when we got back home.)

2013-03-31 19.08.58

I found the wine to have soft cherry notes with herbal undertones and a silky finish.  We were actually very impressed with it.  It paired well with our food, but could stand alone as a sipping wine as well.  A good wine and a good bargain for wines under $10.

Varietal: Merlot          Alcohol:  12.5%          Price:  $9


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