Chateau Lamothe de Haux Blanc

Fine wine deals and low prices on spirits too.

Even before I developed this passion for wine, I had heard of Bordeaux. I didn’t fully understand the philosophy behind the wine or the region, but knew that Bordeaux wines were famous around the world.  Today’s Bordeaux is a program created in 2005 showcasing spectacular wines from Bordeaux that range in price from $8 – $35.  The wines were chosen (then and now) because they offer the best representation of the quality of wines that come out of Bordeaux while highlighting the terroir.

The Chateau Lamothe de Haux Blanc 2011 is made in the traditional Bordeaux style with a blend of 40% Sauvignon Blanc, 40% Semmilon, and 20% Muscadelle.  Even though the origins for this wine date back centuries, white Bordeaux went out of vogue for several years as red blends became more affordable to the every day wine drinker.  However, in more recent years, white wines have come back stronger than ever and have reclaimed their place in the wine world.

2013-01-18 17.18.19

I tend to drink my white wines a little more chilled than the recommended 55˚ so that might be why I am not getting the “fruit forward” taste on the palate that all the other websites suggest you will get.  On the nose I am getting a bit of tropical fruit, maybe a hint of kiwi but am definitely getting more citrus on the palate with a sweeter, lighter taste on the front of the palate but find this wine much more tannic on the back of the palate with a lingering finish.  This wine would definitely pair well with lighter fare such as seafood, cheeses and a variety of fruits and maybe even a good chicken alfredo.  Here is a great recipe I pulled from “” that would be perfect for this crisp delicate white wine: Honey Wheat Pizza with Pear-Prusciuttio Salad. 

I opened this wine on a Friday.  I thought it was a bit too tannic (bitter) for me on the finish so I sealed it and stored it in the refrigerator.  Saturday I opened something different because I just didn’t want the bitter taste of this wine again the following night.  But then Sunday rolled around and I decided to give it another swirl (get it?!?!?).  It is so much better after having time to breathe and mellow out.  So glad I tried another glass!!!  If you buy this one, I highly recommend decanting it – even if it is a white wine!  Or you could open it a day ahead of time and store it in the fridge like I did.  Either way, I am sure you will enjoy it!!!

Varietal: White Bordeaux Blend     Alcohol: 12%     Price: $13

This wine was a media sample from Balzac Communications (for Syndicat des Bordeaux et Bordeaux Superieur)

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