Tempranillo Day – Castillo Catadau

I am not sure if this is considered a media sample or not but I did purchase it from Naked Wines with a gift card they gave me.

What better night to open up this Tempranillo than for the 2nd annual #tempranilloday?  And what better wine to taste for #tempranilloday than this 2005 Gran Reserva Castillo Catadau.  I received this wine in a shipment from Naked Wines shortly after Wine Blogger’s Conference 2012.  Naked Wines had graciously put a gift card for free wine in all the swag bags given out at the conference.  Far be it from me to turn down free wine!!!

The story goes much deeper though, Naked Wines is a company that helps winemakers get started on their own allowing Naked Wines to then have exclusive access to those wines.  They are able to buy them at huge discounts that are passed on to the customer – people like you and me.  And if you want even deeper discounts, they offer an “Angel” program where you can put aside a monthly allotment of $40 (much less than the typical wine lover would spend in a week much less a month on wine) to save toward your next purchase.  Look at it as if you are putting your money in an escrow account.  It keeps accumulating as you keep putting in and then it is all sitting there when you are ready to purchase wine.

This is not a wine club!  You don’t receive automatic shipments.  You are not obligated to purchase wines on a certain schedule.  You buy wine when you want to buy wine – it is just prepaid so it always feels like you are getting away with something.  The wines you buy will always save you at least 40% off retail – sometimes more.  The wines can be sold at these deep discounts because the winemaker doesn’t have to spend money on marketing and wholesalers.  They focus on the wine and let Naked Wines do the rest.

When Naked Wines has enough Angels, they invest in winemakers.  The list of winemakers and the list of Angels keeps growing so the wine list grows as well.  What a great concept!  I am very impressed with this whole process – I think I feel wings growing!!!

My first Naked Wine: 2005 Gran Reserva Castillo Catadau, Tempranillo          Alcohol:  14.2%          Regular Price: $11.99          Angel Price: $6.99

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