Pepi Chardonnay

This wine was a media sample from Balzac Communications.

Ever wonder where the name, “Red Wine Diva” came from.  Well, first and foremost, I had to have a Twitter handle, and actually this wasn’t my first choice but thankfully, it was easy to change when I finally had this epiphany!  Second, red wine was the only wine I drank – seriously!

I started out like most wine people with a white zinfandel or a blush wine – and thought I was SO sophisticated.  The wine palate is an ever-evolving thing so shortly into this wine lifestyle, I was ready to move to the next level of wines.  I don’t know why, but for some reason I thought the next logical step in tasting wine was to go to Chardonnay.  I thought white wines were a lighter fruitier wine than reds.  (Boy, was that a misconception!) I tried and I tried and I tried.  I just couldn’t do it.  I couldn’t find a Chardonnay I liked.  I found them all too dry, too bitter.  This was years ago so I don’t remember the names of any of them, but I do know I just couldn’t drink them.  Then one day I decided to try a red wine – I think it was a Cabernet Sauvignon but again don’t remember which one.  What I do remember is how good it was.  It was simply scrumptous!  And I was hooked on red wine truly believing I would never look back at Chardonnay.  I just couldn’t figure out what all the fuss was about.

So Red Wine Diva dove head first into the wine life style and started learning to appreciate wine for what it truly is, complex, beguiling, and wonderful all at the same time.  I still had friends who were big into white wines though and occasionally I would imbibe.  I eventually was able to drink a white wine and actually enjoy it.  Then in the summer of 2010, North Carolina experienced an incredible heat wave and draught that brought us all to our knees.  It was great for the vineyards! North Carolina produced some great wines that year!!!  And it brought me full circle in my wine lifestyle – back to the crisp, clean refreshing taste of a good chilled white wine.  It was way too hot to be sipping a heavy red wine.

Today I actually enjoy white wines, especially Chardonnay – and I am so glad, otherwise, I would have missed out on this wonderful Pepi Chardonnay.  Bursting with flavors of pear and crème brulee, this wine is a real bargain and a true interpretation of what Chardonnay is all about.  All the Pepi wines sell for around $10 making them the perfect house wine for everyone, the wine you keep on hand just in case.  I know I will!

Varietal: Chardonnay          Alcohol:  13.33%          Price: $10


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