Pairing Hopkins Reserve

This wine was a media sample from Hopkins Vineyard

Fall is my favorite time of year.  The heat of Summer is now just a memory.  The crisp night air begs for an outdoor fire in the fire pit and we can go back to drinking our robust red wines – but should we???

Typically, I would say, “Yes!”  But today I had a craving for something just a little bit different; comfort food, warming to the insides and spicy so I decided to create my own Italian Chili.  As the aromas started filling the kitchen, I couldn’t help but wonder what wine I would pair with this spicy dish.  A heavy red might overpower the chili which would ruin both the taste of the food and the taste of the wine.  So I decided to pull out Hopkins Vineyard Reserve.

Stylistically similar to Viognier, this Seyval Blanc/Traminette blend has floral notes on the nose with hints of apricot on the palate along with the crisp tartness of citrus fruit – but no grapefruit.  This light acidic wine would pair perfectly with Thai or Indian cuisine but was also a great compliment to my Italian Chili.

     Varietal:  Seyval Blanc/Traminette           Alcohol:  12%        Price: $13.50

Hopkins Vineyard is located in the scenic Litchfield Hills area of Connecticut and has been making wine for more than 30 years.  Sometimes I marvel at how many different wines are out there and how little exposure any of us will ever have to all them.  Wine is actually produced in all 50 states of the United States.  How will we ever have the opportunity to experience the plethora of wine available to us?!?!?


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