Mira Winery – America Dreaming

There’s a new winery in Napa; but then there’s always a new winery opening up in Napa and Sonoma, right?  So why am I writing about another one – because of their philosophy about wine.  If you follow my blog, you have noticed that my writing focuses more on the story behind the wine – the people, the places, the big picture.  Well that’s exactly how the partners of Mira Winery feel.   They all love to tell stories that center around wine but they also love to hear stories from others.  They’ll even help create your story and memories when you visit.  You may end up in the barrel room and do a barrel tasting or you may end up in the vineyard discussing how the current crop is progressing.  You never know until you get there, but you will always leave with a story.

Tom Kaucic, Jim Dyke and Gustavo Gonzalez are the passion behind Mira Winery.  Gustavo is also the wine maker and won’t even consider producing a wine that he doesn’t believe in, one that he has put his heart and soul into and is proud to put his name on.  He doesn’t rush his wines, they are allowed to age to perfection before bottling.  Following his love for the Burgundy region and profile of wines, Gustavo’s goal is to consistently produce a wine that is approachable at an affordable price point and that delivers that “WOW” factor to the consumer.  But it takes all three of the partners to achieve the goals of the winery; they each bring a unique skill set to the business side with Tom heading up Sales and Jim managing the Public Relations and Communications for the winery.  And how many wineries can brag that their winemaker has produced a 100 point wine – Mira Winery can!  This is a big deal, 100 point wines don’t come along every day.  It takes talent, heart and a way of understanding the complexities of wine that few people ever achieve.

The winery is very personal to each of the partners and they want each customer to feel that same attachment.  Mira Winery is a niche winery producing small lots of each of their wines and just launched this year, but they have been making wine since 2009.    They produce a Sauvignon Blanc, Syrah, Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon with price points ranging from $22 to $48 per bottle.  They don’t distribute their wines (which doesn’t bode well for those of us on the “other” coast), but they do sell direct in California and can be found at fine dining restaurants.   Winery visits are by appointment only so check them out, set up an appointment and see what all the fuss is about!   And walk away with your own story!

Cheers to Tom, Jim and Gustavo for living the American Dream.


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