All About Greek Wines – Grande Reserve Naoussa Boutari

This wine was a media sample.

I was thrilled s few weeks ago to be invited to taste Greek wines along with the webinar – All About Greek Wine.  I opened up three (3) of the six (6) wines they sent me to taste along with the webinar.  I had heard mixed reviews about Greek wines prior to the webinar and had personally never tasted any wines from Greece prior to the webinar.  But I must say, all of the wines they tasted during this social media event were really good wines, with some being better than others.  However, when I first opened this 2007 Grande Reserve Naoussa Boutari, I wasn’t sure……….

It was so hot outside the day I opened this wine.  I think it was our first day over 90 degrees.  I was driving home from work and thought the air was never going to cool the car off so all I could think about was getting home and opening a nicely chilled white wine.  I already knew I was going to open my last bottle of the Greek wines I had received; but when I pulled it out of the wine fridge, I realized it was a red wine – and that I had NO white wine in the house.  Shrugging it off, I decided to go ahead and open the Naoussa Boutari.  Even hubby decided to have a glass with me. 

Even though the wine was a beautiful red hue, it was an extremely light bodied wine, not what I was expecting at all.  It was very smooth with mild tannins and no lingering finish.  Another sip or two and I decided to set the bottle in the refrigerator to bring the temperature down a bit more.  That did the trick!  I wouldn’t typically recommend chilling a red wine that much, but this wine was drinking more like a white than a red.  (Had I read the bottle, it stated that the wine should be served at 18 degrees Celsius which is just below 65 degrees farenheit.)

This Naoussa Boutari was aged in oak for more than four years.  Made from grapes of the Xinomavro variety, it weighs in at 13.5% alcohol.

It was a  perfect pairing for this Cucumber Salad.


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