NC Holiday Wine Project – #1

I love this time of year.  The weather is cooling down and is perfect for sitting in front of the fireplace with your favorite wine.  And of course, the Holidays are just around the corner.  So everyone is wondering what wines to buy to take to that party, to give as a gift or to pair with all those great Holiday foods.  So with that said, I thought it would be appropriate to address those questions with suggestions from local wineries.

Wine and Cheese:  Having friends over just to sip some wine and visit?  You may even have someone stop by unexpectedly but you can always be prepared.  Just stock up on a few of your favorite cheeses.   What better pairing than wine and cheese?  Prepare a cheese platter with your favorite cheeses.  You can add some artisan bread and maybe some seasonal fruit if you have it on hand, but it’s not necessary.  Pair the cheeses with La_Dolce Vita from Raffaldini.

A versatile wine made in the Moscato d’Asti style, La Dolce Vita boasts intense floral aromas and honeysuckle, orange peel and cardamom flavors. On the palate, fruit flavors of kiwi, peach and mango. 

Add a festive centerpiece or serve on a holiday platter and the mood has been set.


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